1st A/C

We are growing our crew for upcoming 2019 productions and looking for an enthusiastic 1st assistant camera with positive energy to join in our cinematic adventures ranging from narrative to art, fashion and music. 


Please send CV and reel link to production@lizavoloshin.com


Job Responsibilities include:

- Build, manage and operate cinema cameras including ARRI and RED

- Manage and operate DSLRs including Canon 1dxm2 and Sony A7siii

- Assemble various models of gimbals including Movi Pro Gimbal System and DJI Ronin Gimbal Stabilizer

- Manage and maintain all camera equipment and accessories

- The "Macgyver" of the set, with calm problem-solving capabilities 



- Happy and positive attitude, with enthusiasm to tell beautiful stories

- Excellent working knowledge of cameras, lenses and all related equipment

- Comfortable and capable working in cinema vérité 

- Must have excellent attention to detail alongside agility and speed

- Able and willing to collaborate and work as part of a team, wearing many hats

- Must be willing to travel

- Fluency in French and Spanish a bonus


Compensation is project based.

Liza Voloshin