The Age of Misinformation

Technology makes communication feel direct. But does it make it real? Who are we to each other without sharing a physical space, has it turned us more into strangers or neighbors? Do we live in a dreamland when we exist without flesh to flesh contact, but in a constant state of connection? Is this our new humanity?

Film by Liza Voloshin
Music by Margot
Research by Kate Greer
Poetry by Cleo Wade, Margot and Mia Moretti

Inspired by the Whitney Museum's 'Dreamlands' Exhibit
Produced by chez conversations
In partnership with Audi

Directed and shot by Liza Voloshin on 8mm film throughout downtown Manhattan, the film is a dance between sensory perceptions, the traditional fine arts and the way they bend with technology. Layered over a haunting echo of strings scored by Margot, the film features neuroscience and biological research conceptualized by Kate Greer, and poetry by Cleo Wade, Margot and Mia Moretti.